'Murderpigs' Colourwork Cardigan

posted (or finished) Jul 11, 2014 in knitting
with tags cardigans colourwork black

This was for the Redacted Renegade Games back in 2014.

Old-school LSG will know but for background: Ravelry was going to run a community event where people compete in teams to make different types of projects, kind of like the Olympics, and with a similar name. Then the actual Olympics got in touch and said ‘use our name and we’ll sue you’ 😒. Hence the Redacted.

I don’t usually take part in things like this but someone came up with team name MURDERPIGS and I thought WHAT IF NOT SKULLS AND CROSSBONES BUT PIGS AND CROSSBONES?? And this design came to be.

It worked out quite nicely although I didn’t quite anticipate the difference in gauge of the colourwork sections and the plain; possibly should have switched to smaller needles, or maybe held yarn doubled? Or extended the pattern further but; effort.

Pattern: improvised Yarn: Jamieson’s of Shetland Shetland Spindrift in Black, Eucalyptus, Blossom, and Natural White