Slipped Stitch Cropped Vest

posted (or finished) Jan 20, 2022 in knitting
with tags vests colourwork black slipped stitch

This is knit from a pattern in the now defunct Knit.1 magazine, from the single copy of it I bought back when I decided I could save some money by knitting my own clothes (and before my tastes in yarn got ahead of my budget 😂). The edition is from 2007 so it’s getting close to being a ‘vintage’ pattern… not sure how I feel about that though.

The yarns are: a plain black Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester DK; and a single-ply variegated wool (also BFL) from Feltfusion. I was originally planning on making these two into an entrelac number of some kind, but the repeat on the purple yarn was too short for that, so I had to stick it on ice and wait for a future project to make use of it. This one, I think, works out quite nicely. I find variegated yarns like this a bit overpowering on their own, but mixing it with black slipped-stitch pattern is a nice way to temper the business.