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increasing the making

Step one towards making 12 things in year is making one thing.

Little Birds is coming along nicely, but as you may remember, I’m nearly out of yarn. I put in an order, but at present my yarns are still sitting in the Shetlands, probably waiting for a plane. So it sits, shoulderless, hibernating. Roosting, even.

One sleeve... #knitting

But I can’t sit idle; I have a goal to work towards. So I found a nice quick project to get me off to a good start – Galaxy.

Galaxy is a super-cute glove pattern by Satta Designs, with beeeeaaaaads and faux cabling. When I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for one of my home-dye-jobs – a black sparkly merino sock yarn. I figured that that and some clear rocaille beads would be a striking and spacey combination, particularly appropriate as we’re currently chain-watching TNG on Netflix.

It is, indeed, a quick project; I’ve already finished one and am already to the fingers on the second one. I haven’t done much beadwork before but I do really like it – these beads are attached using a crochet hook, which means I had to spend half an hour searching for my teeniest tiniest crochet hook (1.00!) and a pot to store all the beads with holes too small to use.


I do have some quibbles with the pattern – all the fingers start in the same row, which is not how my hands are shaped. And there’s a bit too much scrolling between instructions and charts, but I suppose that’s the price of technology. But the charts are flawless and it’s a great speed-knitting pattern and augh it is beautiful.

One glove.

whoopscareless’ Galaxy Gloves on Ravelry

Have you got your New Year’s making off to a strong start? What have you got on the needles (or craft-appropriate equivalent)?

WIP Wednesday: 17/04/13

Definitely need a better naming scheme for WIP Wednesday.

Anyway, welcome to this nth edition of WIP Wednesday.

Still mainly three projects keeping me going through these delicious Spring days.

Spring Shawl:

This is getting there. At last. I’m on to the outer edging now so whargarbl excitement. Probably five more rows, then cast-off and blocking. Might finally invest in some blocking wires as I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

Shawl is on final 6 rows! #knitting

unnecessarily twee spring shawl on Ravelry

Orange cardigan:

Getting there as well. Probably needs a couple more inches on the sleeves, then I can do the rib detail. Then I can see how much yarn I have left, finish the lower edge rib, then pick up the button band. You might think this is unnecessarily complicated; well, it probably is. This is what happens when you buy yarn in totally random quantities and don’t do any calculations before you decide on a design. 😀

And the cardigan is looking pretty good too. :D #knitting

oxide cardigan on Ravelry


And even this is going quite well. It’s all in one piece, I’ve added waist facing (I did the best understitching of my life on that waistband, I’m super-proud), and now I need to do the fastening, hem the bottom, and probably add a lining because it sticks to tights like you wouldn’t believe. Not sure whether to use the icky polyester lining I originally bought for it or to splash out on something a bit fancier. My heart is drawn to silk but I’m not sure. Decision for another day.

Skirt is coming along nicely. #sewing

fancified pencil skirt on MSC

And there we go. A goodly amount of progress over the last couple of weeks. Now imagine what I could do if I hadn’t lost entire days to rubbernecking internet drama. 😉

WIP Wednesday: is there a medal for tinking?

Why yes, it has been a frustrating day.

I’m into a new section on my Ravellenic shawl. I’ve taken the Madeira pattern from Shipwreck, flipped it so the two sides of the shawl will mirror each other, and offset the two sets of ‘leaves’. Converting from in the round to on the straight means it now involves lace rows on the purl side, so I’m having to convert SSKs to p2togtbls, and then mirror that on the other side. My brain hurts.

Day 4 #ravellenics - slow going!

That’s where I was this morning. That’s pretty much where I am now, too. I misjudged the placement of one side of leaves so I had to unravel almost everything I’ve done today. Gah. Knew I should have put in a lifeline mid-pattern. 😀

The cable socks are still going.

Mustn't forget the socks.

Slightly slower than previously since I am cheating on them with this shawl, and I’m also trying to write down the cable pattern as I go so I can share it with you lovelies.

Anyway… Just a brief check-in before I return to the cycling. Wheee!

Hibernation. Not just for small fluffy animals.

This isn’t going to be a post bemoaning the fact that I have to remain conscious through the winter. I like winter; it gives me the opportunity to actually wear some of the items I create. And unconsciousness is useless without some sort of consciousness with which to compare it.

Philosoraptor ponders

No, this is about projects. Hibernating projects. The kind of project that slinks off to a forgotten drawer, burrowing down to set up a home amidst cosy balls of dust, and the cables of long-forgotten electrical goods. I was just congratulating myself on getting down to a manageable number of WIPs, and what should happen but one of these neglected projects emerges blinking into the light.


Two years ago now, I bought a drop spindle. I made some craptastic yarn. I even knitted with it. I was proud, but not interested enough to continue. Or, at least I thought I hadn’t been.

hand-spun yarn!

Wait, what? I did that?

It really didn’t look like that much on the spindle, but it’s about 130m long. That, my friends, is enough for an actual object. And reminds me of my original plan, and the original project for which this delightful yarn was spun; a two-tone plied DK to make myself an awesome hat.

more hand-spun yarn!

Am I really doing this?

So. Back up to four projects, one of them involving making the freaking yarn before I then have to knit the damn stuff. There is something wrong in my head, I’m sure of it.

Works in progress.

I has them.

This is a swatch of a cute lil pattern found here. I need some proper beading thread before I can really continue… also I’m thinking that a tiger tail base to it would make it a little more substantial, then some longer bugles for the verticals/horizontals, and some kind of flat single bead in the middle, but I’m not sure. Will play later.

This is a hairband from the new Knitty. I’ll probably never wear it, knowing what I look like in any headwear, but I thought it might be interesting for a first try at entrelac. Probably some wristwarmers coming up shortly.

This is my muff. *giggles*. It’s to match the hat I made a while ago which I failed to post about because I couldn’t take a good photo of it on or off. It is awesome, though. I’m nearing completion of the muff, but might alter the idea slightly to make it a bag which can double as a muff, to make it a bit more useful.

This is a glove being made to chase away the mitten demons. It’s not working. I did too much of it in one weekend and bored myself, so it’s really hard to get back into it. But I’m not allowed to start on the infinite scarf until I’ve finished this, so hopefully that’ll spark my interest again before it’s too warm to wear the darn things.

I also have a bag full of wool so dull, photobucket doesn’t even recognise the photo of it as a photo. Blimey. So some dyeing is to be done, presuming anywhere in Birmingham is so radical as to sell fabric dye.

A productive weekend, if a little misspent.

I’ve had a very nice time the past few days just making stuff. Stuff. I like stuff. Stuff’s great. Well, most stuff is great. What I made is distinctly less great – a rabbit with no arms, a rather shoddy necklace and a mitten that I don’t like.

The rabbit’s going to get some arms. The necklace shows promise and with some practice, I might make something wearable out of the technique. But the mitten is a different matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really proud of it; I love the yarn, it fits perfectly, and it’s knitted really bloody well for the first item I’ve ever knitted using more than three needles at once. I just don’t like it. I put it on and it freaks me out. Humans are supposed to have fingers. I couldn’t tell you how, but it just seems a bit pervy. Euch.

It’s a shame cos it took me a bloody age, and now I’m reluctant to pick up any knitting in case I don’t like something bigger after spending even more time on it. Fortunately my job lot of circular needles hasn’t turned up yet, so I can wean myself back on with smaller items. Maybe I’ll make some gloves. The thumb of the mittens wasn’t too hard to do and I guess fingers’ll be much the same.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Well, kinda. Keats obviously wasn’t writing about Birmingham because I have yet to see any fruits ripening in the local area. I just went back and read the whole poem (on Bartleby) and the only thing I think applies to central Birmingham in the 21st century is the bit about watching the last oozings of the cider-press. I read that poem for my English Lit GCSE, and haven’t got a clue why it was pertinent, what I was supposed to think about it or anything. I certainly like it better now than I did back then – perhaps it’s me imagining Autumn as me sat on the granary floor. Chuckle.

The reason I refer to this masterpiece of warm, fuzzy poetry is because at quarter past six this morning, I was awoken by the Vic and Bob style shrieking of a seagull. And the sun wasn’t up properly. It was actually a little bit dark. I was very confused, and I thought ‘so that really is it for the summer. The sun’s coming up later. My washing isn’t drying properly. And I’m knitting winter-wear. Welcome to Autumn.’

Speaking of knitting winter-wear, I’m about an eighth of the way through the scarf. I’ve already done the wrist-warmers, I just need to sew them up before they can be modelled. I’m practising my knitting pattern poses already.

1/8th of a scarf.

By the way this is actually black – but the yarn is quite cheap glossy, so it’s looking lighter than it should. And I know scarves are boring in terms of knitting, but there’s about 14 more hours of work in it for me so I think I’ll have deserved the boasting.