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WIP Wednesday: 24/04/13

Hello, friends, and welcome to another edition of What’s On The Needles (or sewing machine, or floor if I’m being really untidy)

Spring Shawl:

First up, an item that is no longer on the needles. Heh. I cast off on the shawl yesterday evening, and now just need to wait for an optimal time to get it washed and pinned out for blocking. I’m considering waiting until I can buy some blocking wires because I really want some and this would be the perfect use for them. But, I need to wait until I get paid.

Hey look, it's a knitted object without any needles attached to it. #knitting

unnecessarily twee spring shawl on Ravelry

Did I mention that I got a job? If not… I GOT A JOB. Trying not to spend my entire pay check in advance but it’s going to be tough. BUY ALL THE YARN AND KNITTING ACCESSORIES OMG *cough* anyway, moving on…


Yeah, this is the same picture as last week. And it doesn’t look any different, although since that picture was taken I’ve completed the fastening and added the lining. I went for snap fasteners and the crappy polyester; while I’d like to be a bit more sophisticated, it’s all just a bit too slapdash for me to go full-on couture. Next time. When I actually measure things properly.

Skirt is coming along nicely. #sewing

fancified pencil skirt on MSC

No more progress on anything else, but I’m just settling into the new work routine and finding it quite hard to get anything done at home, let alone the knitting. I mean – I’ve started to go on 6am runs because I don’t have the time in the evening. Well. Probably the time, but definitely not the inclination.

NB: if you find out who abducted me and replaced me with someone who goes for runs at 6 in the morning, please punch them in the head. It’s not natural. But at least I get to see lots of dogs being taken for walks. And you’ve got to admit – this is one hell of a running partner.

Can't get over how awesome it is to run with a view like this. :D

WIP Wednesday: 17/04/13

Definitely need a better naming scheme for WIP Wednesday.

Anyway, welcome to this nth edition of WIP Wednesday.

Still mainly three projects keeping me going through these delicious Spring days.

Spring Shawl:

This is getting there. At last. I’m on to the outer edging now so whargarbl excitement. Probably five more rows, then cast-off and blocking. Might finally invest in some blocking wires as I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

Shawl is on final 6 rows! #knitting

unnecessarily twee spring shawl on Ravelry

Orange cardigan:

Getting there as well. Probably needs a couple more inches on the sleeves, then I can do the rib detail. Then I can see how much yarn I have left, finish the lower edge rib, then pick up the button band. You might think this is unnecessarily complicated; well, it probably is. This is what happens when you buy yarn in totally random quantities and don’t do any calculations before you decide on a design. 😀

And the cardigan is looking pretty good too. :D #knitting

oxide cardigan on Ravelry


And even this is going quite well. It’s all in one piece, I’ve added waist facing (I did the best understitching of my life on that waistband, I’m super-proud), and now I need to do the fastening, hem the bottom, and probably add a lining because it sticks to tights like you wouldn’t believe. Not sure whether to use the icky polyester lining I originally bought for it or to splash out on something a bit fancier. My heart is drawn to silk but I’m not sure. Decision for another day.

Skirt is coming along nicely. #sewing

fancified pencil skirt on MSC

And there we go. A goodly amount of progress over the last couple of weeks. Now imagine what I could do if I hadn’t lost entire days to rubbernecking internet drama. 😉

WIP Wednesday: BST roundup

Moving house meant I had to face a few uncomfortable truths about the number of WIPs I had squirrelled away all over the place. I pose to you a philosophical question; is a WIP still a WIP if it’s hibernating? Does it get included in the WIP count? How long does a WIP lie neglected until it goes into hibernation, or must hibernation be a deliberate decision?

We all must make these decisions for ourselves.

Unnecessarily Twee Spring ShawlRavelry link

This had a sudden burst of activity when I finally made myself sit down and figure out how to do the edging, i.e. I pinched an edging from another pattern. Said pattern is Lilah, from Knitty, and required only a little bit of tweaking to make it fit to my stitch count and the flower/foliage theme. I’m probably 2/3 of the way through the edging, so the end is in sight.

Burst of activity on my springy shawl thing. #knitting

Oxide CardiganRavelry link

This only just registers as out of hibernation – I’ve knitted about five rounds on the sleeves. The cotton content makes it harder to knit with cold hands, plus I keep destroying my fingers with oven burns, IKEA-furniture-assembling wounds and most painfully, shampoo bottle injuries. Those sleeves are about half-way done, after which I’ll need to finish the lower edge and pick up the button band.

Also, two-at-a-time sleeves: great in concept, but pretty difficult to check the length. XD #knitting

Hey look, yet another pencil skirt:MSC link [1].

I can’t help myself, I just love them. This one is a self-drafted number, with gathered detail at the front, faced waistband, and some sort of fastening that doesn’t involve a zip because I wanted a challenge (and didn’t buy a zip, apparently). This one’s quite high on the ‘likely to end up stuffed in a WIP bag for months because thinking is hard’ scale so I need to keep close tabs on it.

Attempting a skirt with gathered detail on front. Terrified of taking it to the machine.

In hibernation:

Still in WIP prison are the socks, dressing gown, and actually-finished-jumper-that-just-hasn’t-been-photographed. But one long-lingering project has actually achieved completion, and I’ll be sharing that soon. EXCITING. Perhaps.

1. My Sewing Circle. If there is another hip sewing site (one that focuses on WIPs rather than FOs, tutorials or shops), let me know. MSC seems pretty good so far but I’m willing to experiment.^

WIP Wednesday: same title as last week (damn)

Last week’s title being ‘oxide cardigan plus WOOORDDDDSSSS‘, in case you weren’t here for that one.

Oxide cardigan:

Going well, though it doesn’t actually look much different to last week.

Cardigan is getting there! #knitting #WIP

Still, it’s just about time to start the bottom edge ribbing. I’m thinking something like mistake rib, just to be a bit more interesting than boring old 1×1. But then I’m not sure how I’d do the tubular cast-off and I just don’t know if I can cope without a tubular cast-off.

I’m also approaching the classic panic-point of omg omg am I going to have enough yarn left to do the sleeves halp. This is the point at which the whole thing might end up stuffed into the cupboard with all my other WIPs.

Gameface on. I can do it. The most important thing is to get the ribbing and the button band done. If I end up with short sleeves, I end up with short sleeves.

Why yes I am whimpering like a dog who’s heard the word ‘bathtime’.


My NaNoWriMo story has run face-first into a wall and is now sliding slowly down the brickwork. I should be able to get the last 5000 words out before it hits the floor, but it’s going to hurt. I also reached the zenith of my blogging career by writing a series of blog posts about… blogging. I HAVE MADE IT. Soon I’ll be able to do posts about blogging, posts about blogging about blogging, and ‘this time in this blog’s history’ posts and never have to produce a piece of original content ever again.

Actually, that would suck. I won’t do that. 😀

WIP Wednesday: oxide cardigan plus WOOORDDDDSSSS

I realised this morning that I’d neglected to take any photos of my current project. In fact the Rav page was entirely blank.

Time to fix this.

first photo of this WIP, oops. #knitting #wip #orange

This is a V-neck, raglan-sleeved cardigan (codename: Oxide), in a blend of 50/50 wool/cotton. It is going to have pockets and sparkly buttons.

I’ve been working on this for about a month, but due to NaNoWriMo, progress has been fairly slow. At first glance, knitting might seem incompatible with writing, but I’ve spent a lot of time with it on my lap, picking it up to do a dozen stitches while pondering a suitable word. It’s sort of a comfort blanket, really. Good for deflecting inner editor attacks. And cold legs.

You may remember my initial post about this cardigan, in which I demonstrated my typical, concise, pattern notation. Well, I’ve never met a pattern I haven’t changed, and this is no different. I discovered that I had mis-under-estimated my upper arm measurements, so had to amend for that. I also tweaked the neck shaping to give it more of a scoop, instead of the plain V I was initially planning.

ball o' yarn on my shoulder. totally not weird. #knitting #wip #orange

Looks like I’ve managed to get the underarm C/Os right. The past couple of raglan sleeves I’ve done, I’ve had to cast on too many stitches under the arms. They fit, but they don’t lie flat or fold very well. I think this (only four stitches cast on) will do nicely.

Other projects:

You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but NaNoWriMo is still ongoing and I’m still ahead. In fact I broke 40,000 words last night, which was nice. The end is in sight. Now if only I knew what was supposed to happen at the end of the book. sigh

Let’s not mention sewing. cough

Also the socks and shawl are still around. Somewhere. I think. cough again

So. How’re your WIPs treating you?

WIP Wednesday: is there a medal for tinking?

Why yes, it has been a frustrating day.

I’m into a new section on my Ravellenic shawl. I’ve taken the Madeira pattern from Shipwreck, flipped it so the two sides of the shawl will mirror each other, and offset the two sets of ‘leaves’. Converting from in the round to on the straight means it now involves lace rows on the purl side, so I’m having to convert SSKs to p2togtbls, and then mirror that on the other side. My brain hurts.

Day 4 #ravellenics - slow going!

That’s where I was this morning. That’s pretty much where I am now, too. I misjudged the placement of one side of leaves so I had to unravel almost everything I’ve done today. Gah. Knew I should have put in a lifeline mid-pattern. 😀

The cable socks are still going.

Mustn't forget the socks.

Slightly slower than previously since I am cheating on them with this shawl, and I’m also trying to write down the cable pattern as I go so I can share it with you lovelies.

Anyway… Just a brief check-in before I return to the cycling. Wheee!

WIP Wednesday: My First Wollmeise


I’ve started the Wollmeise socks. I’m doing my usual structure: toe-up, with turned toe and heel. I was planning on a plain foot and then starting the cable centred just above the anklebone but the foot needed some elasticity, so I figured an offset cable would be better.

Coming along nicely.

The stitch pattern is called ‘Pleated Diamonds’ according to my stitch book. I’m sassing it up a bit by alternating stocking stitch and moss stitch for the centres of the diamonds. Lots of C4Ls and T4Rs, but it’s relatively straightforward. I’m working two at a time on two circs, so on the cable rows I’ve got needles and yarn and everything coming out of my ears. I think I’d term it ‘pleasantly involved’. 😀

I’m liking the ‘meise. I think it would work better on 2.25mm needles, but I only have dpns in that size and my hands are far too dry and cold to deal with being poked repeatedly by sharp pieces of bamboo. It’s a little less dense than I’d like, but I’m getting good stitch definition so I can let that slide.

The sewing WIPs are still sulking in the corner, but I’m back up to running 4 miles now so with any luck, the surprise!inch around my backside will piss off and let me enjoy (and finish) my dress.

NB you may notice in the picture above a hint of a fluffy sleeve. That’s my open cardigan which is made from yarn which is 70% wool, 30% alpaca. I am wearing alpaca in July. I thought the winter wear during Me Made May was bad but this is ridiculous. :-/

And… relax.

One of my favourite things about the holiday season is the end of it. It would be my absolute favourite thing but ‘champagne for breakfast’ would be disappointed if it were displaced. Apparently champagne makes a very good facial toner, so it can only be good and refreshing for the liver at 9am on Christmas morning. Right? Wiping away grime and removing impurities?

Another good thing about the end of the season is the sales. And, in turn, the best thing about the sales (apart from the sheer joy of watching hatchet-faced women fight over the last reduced pair of fake Uggs) is that this is an excellent opportunity to pick up vast quantities of yarn at reasonable prices. Walking through House of Fraser to get back to work today I found myself quite by chance on the 5th floor, when all of a sudden my card just fell into the machine and bought me a couple of ten-packs of yarn. It had obviously reasoned that the £24.50 saving on the one pack (Rowan Purelife organic wool in a nice heathery purple) would have almost covered the original price of the Patons Wool Tweed DK (sort of navy), therefore the saving of £14.50 on those meant that actually I wasn’t spending any money at all and had earned £10. What a clever card.

I was so pleased and surprised at the spirit and initiative of said card that I nearly bought it two balls of Regia sock yarn in gratitude, but as this was not reduced (and I’m already ploughing through two pairs of never-ending socks) I thought better of it. Actually, I am being pretty naughty at the moment. I have four individual projects on the needles, which is one more than my self-imposed limit.

Current wips

Yeah, you see? I’m such a rebel. I also very recently told myself that I didn’t need any more yarn because I’ve only just used up enough of my existing stash to be able to fit all of it into the actual stash cupboard. Sigh.

Still, I do think I know what I’m going to do with this new lot. I was in the Old Joint Stock a few weeks ago and saw a fantastic cable-and-lace jumper that I instantly loved. It was only a fleeting glance, but I reckon I can come up with something similar in the purple. The blue is either going to be a light jacket or a more traditional jumper. Perhaps something like an Everyone Knows. A minor consolation, perhaps, but maybe it will spur me on to finish one of these current items. Or more, as I’ll actually have to finish two before I’m allowed to start anything else. Curses.

Whirling, whirling, whirling towards EXTREME HYPERACTIVITY.

It’s 5:30 am. It’s still dark outside. But I am awake. Last night’s ice cream has a lot to answer for. I was trying to go back to sleep but if I’m going to be dreaming about scorpions, blocked drains and work colleagues, sod it, I’d rather be awake. Thanks, brain.

At least I have a small knitting epiphany to keep me comfort in these chilly early-ish hours. I feel I’ve reached a new level of fluency with the old sticks, and am quite pleased about it. See, I went through a phase earlier in the summer of being a little dejected about crafting. Sure, I can make some pretty awesome stuff, but a lot of it sits in the wardrobe. There’s wrong colours, there’s dodgy styles, and there’s a bad yarn choices, for a start. But the main problem is impracticality. I love my Tubey but have only worn it outside the house once. Reason? It’s too warm for me to wear in a heated building, which rather cuts down my options. I was really pleased with my Isabella but that too languishes in the wardrobe untouched – because I very rarely wear sleeveless tops and have nothing that goes with the colour. Even if I re-dye it (again), it still won’t work with my normal ‘style’ of dress. This is sad. Hours of work, basically wasted.

So my epiphany is… ba ba baaaa… knit things that will actually be useful. I know. It’s a complex notion, isn’t it. I’ve done it by accident with a few items – hand-knit socks make excellent boot socks, so they all get some use. My scarf & wristwarmer sets have been worn practically to death. My Trellis jumper is in regular rotation with my slouch-around-the-house hoodies. This is because they are all items that I would be wearing anyway, even if I hadn’t made them myself. Those are the things I should be making. I should be looking at the existing clothes I wear to death and making their replacements before I have to go shopping.

I guess the moral of the story is that it’s easy to fit something to your own shape, but habits and climate are probably more important considerations.

On that note, I leave you with my current wip. It’s going to be a seamless open cardigan with a little light shaping and seed stitch front panels. As we trip gaily towards the autumn, this will be super for slipping on at work to ward off the chill of the air-conditioning, without leading to the excess bulk of a full buttonable cardigan or the insta-overheat of a jumper. I hope.