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A few recent bits and bobs, in order of completion.

First, I finished my toe-up Froot Loops.

Froot Loops on Ravelry

Within about two minutes of that photo being up on Flickr, I had an invite to add it to some Spanish foot-related group. It didn’t seem too fetishy, so I agreed.

Next, I finished this hat.

Peppermint Swirl on Ravelry

Mmm, swirly. I was supposed to post it out today. Oops.

Then I *finally* finished the companion cube.

Companion Cube on Ravelry

I started that in January. How lame is that? 11 months to finish something not 20cm cubed. However, it’s interesting to see how much I’ve sped up since I started it.

And last, but not least, Dino.

Charlotte the Brontësaurus on Ravelry

Turns out that the Jean Greenhowe booklets I half-inched from my mother are now listed on Ravelry… mmm, Ravelry… so how could I possibly turn down the opportunity.

Tune in soon for some outrageous legwarmers and adventures in using hand-dyed yarn.

Emo bunny strikes back.

Some of you may know that some time back, I had a short-lived ‘comedy’ Myspace that initially revolved around a stuffed toy bunny. I had enormous fun with this, posing the bunny in a variety of classic emo poses, such as this one:

Once it had completed its mission, I killed the page. But the spirit of the emo bunny lives on, as I found when knitting a little grey rabbit. I started him a while ago, filled with enthusiasm, but then (to my chagrin) I became rather more enthusiastic about other projects. The poor little mite sat for months in a Boots bag next to the wool and stuffing that would become his arms, until this weekend I finally got around to granting him those final limbs.

Then it came to taking photos of him for his very own page in my Ravelry notebook.

At once I knew that the pretty little rollneck sweater in the pattern was not for him. Those mournful eyes, the upturned nose, the exact wrong shape body for skinny jeans… this was an Emo. And so I made him a hoodie.

Still he looks at me with eyes full of hatred, reminding me with every glance towards his vantage point on top of the printer that I am a bad person and that I do not understand him. Like the parent of a sullen teenager, I feel torn between a desire to propitiate him with gifts, and a desire to shout ‘What? What is it you want from me? Why do you think I don’t understand? Do you think I have not lived, nor felt the same frustrations as you?’

And then I remember that I am talking to a small stuffed rabbit, and I weep for my sanity.

A productive weekend, if a little misspent.

I’ve had a very nice time the past few days just making stuff. Stuff. I like stuff. Stuff’s great. Well, most stuff is great. What I made is distinctly less great – a rabbit with no arms, a rather shoddy necklace and a mitten that I don’t like.

The rabbit’s going to get some arms. The necklace shows promise and with some practice, I might make something wearable out of the technique. But the mitten is a different matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really proud of it; I love the yarn, it fits perfectly, and it’s knitted really bloody well for the first item I’ve ever knitted using more than three needles at once. I just don’t like it. I put it on and it freaks me out. Humans are supposed to have fingers. I couldn’t tell you how, but it just seems a bit pervy. Euch.

It’s a shame cos it took me a bloody age, and now I’m reluctant to pick up any knitting in case I don’t like something bigger after spending even more time on it. Fortunately my job lot of circular needles hasn’t turned up yet, so I can wean myself back on with smaller items. Maybe I’ll make some gloves. The thumb of the mittens wasn’t too hard to do and I guess fingers’ll be much the same.