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Finished Object: Capucine

Still not quite ready to get back to MURDERPIGS, but basking in the warm glow of a completed paulie, I was in need of a new project.

Instead of breaking into a new unit of stash, I decided to do a bit of stash-busting and clear out some leftover skeins from older projects. Enter Capucine, a hat pattern that had been in my Ravelry favourites for years, actually, without finding the right yarn to make it. In a moment of clarity, I realised that leftover aran alpaca/wool blend from my open cardigan and DK wool from lace and cables would make a nice variegated bulky-weight yarn and free up a bit of space in the stash box.

capucine in progress

I have trouble with hats. I have a weirdly-shaped head, of prodigious size, and too much hair. It’s not only hard to find hats that fit, but damn near impossible to find ones that stay on through such dangerous manoeuvres as looking to one side or going out in a breeze. You’d think I’d have more luck making them but no; I trust patterns, I fail at maths, and I end up with a novelty miniature bonnet that pings three feet in the air if I raise my eyebrows.

But, I’m not one to let experience teach me any lessons, so it came time to make another dumb hat. 😀

I did my preparatory maths and I did at least four rows of ‘swatch’. I went up a size in needles, I kept my tension nice and loose, and it actually came out *almost* the right size, pre-blocking.

capucine hat, pre-blocking

I waited until the next day to start the tassels because tassels require concentration and steady hands, and my hands were killing me after such a knitting binge. I did briefly consider yarn plaits and a pompom but in the end, tassels won out for the longer silhouette. Or something. This is also where using two yarns really came good, because the tassels would have required more work if I’d started with a bulky yarn.

capucine, complete with tassels

A distinctly unseasonal project… that got even worse. 😀

Despite my stash-busting intentions, I ended up with half a ball of each yarn still left over. “Well,” I said to myself, “I don’t really want to put this back, and perhaps there’s enough to scrape some mittens?”


Well, as it turns out, there wasn’t, but I worked that out pretty quickly. I figured I could at least get some fingers (not-fingers?), maybe some thumbs, and then worry about the cuffs later. I did have to go on a panic-search for some more of the grey alpaca, but luckily, past-me had stored an extra 5m in a bag in a bag in the bottom of a box I don’t even use for stash. I would question past-me’s logic but I did find it, so it can’t have been that crazy. Right?

Capucine – project page on Ravelry

Mitts a-plenty

I don’t normally like mittens. I was never very interested in them, but then I had the terrible experience with the freaky mitten of perviness and that really put me off them. So when I first saw a pair of thrummed mittens on the internets, I shuddered and clicked away.

But they’ve been preying on my mind ever since. A couple of weeks ago, I realised that I had all the component parts, and decided to chuck aside my fears and have a go at them. A quick rav search led me to the Yarn Harlot’s thrummed mitts. And then I looked at this tutorial, which made me slightly jealous that my roving was so plain, but really inspired me to dive in.

The first one went well. The second one went well until I realised that the pattern was a five-row repeat, not a four-row repeat, and actually all the bit that had gone well (basically from wrist to fingertips) was not well, and had to be ripped out and done again. That was not a nice feeling. Then, when I started again, I got carried away and forgot to do the waste yarn for the thumb. Again, I ripped back. But after that, it really did go well.

I stayed up a bit late last night to finish them, and make sure they would get an outing before the winter ended.

thrummed mittens

They might not look like much from this side, but when you see what is inside, you will understand the awesome.

thrummed mittens

PUREST FLUFF. Inside-out they look a little sparse, but right way round, it is a veritable wall of fluff, let me tell you. Even with my poor circulation, my fingers were toasty warm all the way in, and all the way home. It’s a shame one can’t type in them or I’d be wearing them now. Perhaps if I made another pair with the Drops-style texting-thumb

A productive weekend, if a little misspent.

I’ve had a very nice time the past few days just making stuff. Stuff. I like stuff. Stuff’s great. Well, most stuff is great. What I made is distinctly less great – a rabbit with no arms, a rather shoddy necklace and a mitten that I don’t like.

The rabbit’s going to get some arms. The necklace shows promise and with some practice, I might make something wearable out of the technique. But the mitten is a different matter. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really proud of it; I love the yarn, it fits perfectly, and it’s knitted really bloody well for the first item I’ve ever knitted using more than three needles at once. I just don’t like it. I put it on and it freaks me out. Humans are supposed to have fingers. I couldn’t tell you how, but it just seems a bit pervy. Euch.

It’s a shame cos it took me a bloody age, and now I’m reluctant to pick up any knitting in case I don’t like something bigger after spending even more time on it. Fortunately my job lot of circular needles hasn’t turned up yet, so I can wean myself back on with smaller items. Maybe I’ll make some gloves. The thumb of the mittens wasn’t too hard to do and I guess fingers’ll be much the same.