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Saturday Shinies

I sat down earlier this evening to make some green jewellery, for a post I’m working on about colour. But the green wasn’t playing nice, and refused to talk to me. So I said ‘begone, colour, for you please me not’ and made these two.

yarn 'n pearls

This is the slightly less successful of the two, so I’ll talk about it first. My initial intention was to have the strands of pearls (plastic ones, I have no pretensions to fanciness) attached to ribbon, but it turned out (after I started) that all my cream ribbon was either too fat, or too short. So a bit of plaited acrylic yarn will do until I replace it. If I do. Because we all know my feelings for yarn. <3

Possibly more successful was this number:

jet and silver

Balance is very important to me in jewellery, both aesthetically and practically speaking. I love a good regular pattern, but it’s really fun to take a regular, repeating pattern, kick it off-centre, and then balance it with a different regular pattern on the other side. It stops a design being so regular it’s almost plain, but still appeals to the OCD, bead-counting side of me.

P.S. Those cube beads on the right were one of my very first purchases as a wannabe jewellery-maker, but I never quite managed to find the right way to use them. They look so right in this. Only took me… twelve years to find that perfect project. O.o

And how about a couple of in-use shots, complete with snazzy Instagram filters:

pearl and yarn jet and silver

Yeah. They can stay. 😀

Quick fix.

I made a shiny.


Needed a quick hit of project-finish-high. I have four large projects all nearing completion, so pretty soon I’ll be lying on my back on the floor, foot twitching in catatonic delight from all the finished things, but damnit, I just couldn’t wait.

Works in progress.

I has them.

This is a swatch of a cute lil pattern found here. I need some proper beading thread before I can really continue… also I’m thinking that a tiger tail base to it would make it a little more substantial, then some longer bugles for the verticals/horizontals, and some kind of flat single bead in the middle, but I’m not sure. Will play later.

This is a hairband from the new Knitty. I’ll probably never wear it, knowing what I look like in any headwear, but I thought it might be interesting for a first try at entrelac. Probably some wristwarmers coming up shortly.

This is my muff. *giggles*. It’s to match the hat I made a while ago which I failed to post about because I couldn’t take a good photo of it on or off. It is awesome, though. I’m nearing completion of the muff, but might alter the idea slightly to make it a bag which can double as a muff, to make it a bit more useful.

This is a glove being made to chase away the mitten demons. It’s not working. I did too much of it in one weekend and bored myself, so it’s really hard to get back into it. But I’m not allowed to start on the infinite scarf until I’ve finished this, so hopefully that’ll spark my interest again before it’s too warm to wear the darn things.

I also have a bag full of wool so dull, photobucket doesn’t even recognise the photo of it as a photo. Blimey. So some dyeing is to be done, presuming anywhere in Birmingham is so radical as to sell fabric dye.