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Keyboards and cushions

The sun is shining (a bit), the birds are singing (well, shrieking, we’re talking seagulls), and after the usual winter lull I am launching into the crafts like a woman possessed.

First task: a dust cover for my partner’s electric keyboard. One wasn’t enough, either of keyboards or covers, so I was tasked with making a new one. The room it’s going to be in is very white (yay rental properties), and we’ve also ended up with a lot of white and dull-coloured furniture (yay IKEA). So we decided the place needed brightening up a bit.

Subtle. @davegurnell , your keyboard cover is done!

That should do it.

It’s very simple in construction; I threw the fabric over the keyboard, wrapped the edges around the sides and a little way around the back. There’s enough leeway for the piano stool to fit underneath and for the cables to stick out behind. I was exceedingly lazy and used the selvedges along the bottom and at the back to avoid hemming. I regret nothing.

In fact, here’s a schematic, in case you ever have need of such an item. Or, more to the point, in case I have to make another one, because I spent altogether too long trying to work out how to put it together.

Keyboard cover schematic

For a 6-octave keyboard (sorry; ~music workstation~), I used about 2.5m of 140cm wide fabric. It’s a light-ish printed cotton, which is enough to protect against dust, but probably not so hot for bumps or scrapes. I may have to add some cushioning to protect the touchscreen and some of the more delicate knobs, but as I’m not quite sure how to do that, I’m going to ignore the problem for now and hope my subconscious works something out.

With the conveniently almost-square-shaped offcuts, I decided to accessorise the living room with a new cushion cover.

And because over-accessorising is for winners...

Ta-daa! Cheap and cheerful. Definitely not subtle. I’m not going to be able to use this room when I’m migraining, but the rest of the time it will be great. 😀

This home-made lark is *awesome* fun.

peanut butter

Say hello to a jar of home-made peanut butter. I am never buying it jarred again. Do you know how embarrassingly easy this is?

200g bag roasted salted peanuts
2 tbsp olive oil

Take a handful of the peanuts and chop roughly. Take the rest of the peanuts and zuzz with the oil. Stir the chopped nuts back in. End.

How awesome is that? It never occurred to me that was even *possible* to make peanut butter at home. It always seemed like it should be the result of lots of complicated processing, and exotic ingredients (considering the differences in flavour of all the brands), but no. And this has no sugar in it! I hate sugar in my peanut butter. And I love salt. This is completely perfect.

Wow. Let me tell you, sitting here eating my home-made peanut butter on slices of my home-made failbread has given me such a warm layer of smug that I may have to open the windows. And… for some time I’ve been searching (unsuccessfully) to find not-peanut nut butters, but now I can just make my own. I could make it even cheaper (and less salty) by getting uncooked nuts…

Wait a minute.

I could use chilli peanuts. Chilli peanut butter. CHILLI. PEANUT. BUTTER. That thought is so unspeakably awesome I think I need a lie down.

(I’m not going to, though. My turbos have turned up so I have to go play with them. Thank you English Yarns!)