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Happy new year!

I saw out the old one with prosecco and cake, and am about to usher in the new with prosecco and smoked salmon. Definitely a better changeover to the gallon of red wine and stinking hangover of last year.

I like the new year. I don’t do new year’s resolutions, so it’s really relaxing and nice for me (I gave them up a few years ago). I just figure that if it’s that important to give up/take up/do less of/do more of whatever it is, then I probably ought to start doing something about it when I think about it, rather than saving it up for one of the least inspiring months of the year. So in October, I thought it would be good for me if I wrote more. So I started to write more. Ta-daa! I’m already three months ahead of you suckers.

I’ve read a few blog posts about being sure to make ‘smart resolutions’. You know, business-speak SMART. Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-specific. Mine would look like ‘write something (that’s fairly specific, right?) every day (measurable), well maybe not every day (achievable), maybe not even every week if I can’t think of anything interesting (realistically speaking), for however long I feel like it (time-specific)’. And what’s the point in that? That’s just what I’m doing already.

Anyway. Happy New Year, Happy New Decade, and best wishes for any resolutions you do make. Don’t let me stop you – up and at them.

Oh yeah… Happy New Year!

Er… sorry. I know the New Year happened, I saw it, and I’m remembering to write the date different, it’s just that 2007 slipped into 2008 like a well-greased rat into a drainpipe.

I wonder if anyone’s actually greased a rat and seen if it gets up a drainpipe faster than an ungreased counterpart. Most of those I’ve seen around Birmingham have been quite nice and fluffy. Must be the soft water round these parts.

Bye bye old year… you were a pretty good year, all things considered… but 2008 started so well (lie-in, mug of tea, bacon and cheese sandwich, champagne and Ninja Warrior on TV) I just can’t bring myself to pine over you that much.

Here’s hoping for a year full of thrills, spills and lots of knitting. Lots of it. Bwahaha. 😀