FO: Waiting for Rain

Sep 3, 2020 21:54 · 136 words · 1 minute read

A hand-knitted shawl/scarf in muted green with grey lace panels, wrapped around a tailor's dummy.

I really liked the look of this pattern when I spotted it on Ravelry; the mixture of textured garter stitch with inset swoopy panels of lace looked fun and interesting.

I was originally going to make it in just the green-y yarn here, but I didn’t read the yarn requirements carefully enough (😬) so I had to cut it with some grey I had left over from Volt. It works though! Variegated yarn and lace can be a bit too busy, visually, so having the panels plain and the garter variegated is, I think, a nice compromise that shows the best of both.

  • Pattern: Waiting for Rain by Sylvia McFadden Ravelry Link: Waiting for Rain
  • Yarn: Coopknits Socks Yeah! DK in Minos and Juniper Moon Findley Dappled DK in Tough Gold (which is more green, actually)