FO: Huge Blanket

posted (or finished) Sep 9, 2020 14:00 in knitting

Literally just a huge garter stitch blanket with a couple of mixed batches of acrylic from LoveCrafts (LoveKnitting as it was then). Something like 40 stitches wide, and I made two uneven not-squares from each ball of yarn, then pieced it together at the end.

I had some Regrets about starting this one just because there was so much knitting to do, but as it was so simple it actually wasn’t too bad. I could properly shut my brain off and knit blankly until it felt like the right time to cast off. Still; think I’ll do something more interesting if I ever make something of this size again.

  • Pattern: improvised
  • Yarn: generic bulky acrylic