GA4 Internal Filtering

Oct 28, 2020 22:57 · 170 words · 1 minute read

Looks like internal filtering for GA4 (and cross-domain tracking, and event editing) has just been released! I’ve been looking forward to cutting literally all my traffic. 😒

Exciting new options tho!

additional settings

Pretty easy to set up: add your IP address(es) in the Datastream settings, there’s the usual equals/includes/begins options.


Test it in your realtime screen by enabling a comparison with dimension ‘Test data filter name’ values ‘Internal Traffic’.

screenshot of test filter

Then if you’re happy you can go into Data Filters under Data Settings to enable it.

data filters

I’m so used to renaming one view in every UA property as DEFAULT - DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE ON PAIN OF PAINFUL DEATH that I can’t quite bring myself to enable it just yet, even if it is working. I can’t quite see a way to keep that ‘control’ property, though; I’d think of adding another property except with this datastream-based model, I think it’d require duplicate config tags which doesn’t seem ideal.

Early days though, so I’m sure guidance/best practice will emerge before long.

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