Yoga Socks

posted (or finished) May 2, 2022 in knitting
with tags socks twisted stitches blue

You ever have one of those moments when you think you’ve had an incredible idea, a brand new thought, the first of its kind? Then the briefest, most cursory search reveals that actually the thought in question has been had a million times before and you’re really not so special for thinking of it?

I had a bit of that with these.

I’d love to say that I thought them up while doing my daily morning yoga routine - hydrated, nourished, relaxed - but the reality is far less zen. I was on the toilet, looking at my toes (as you do), and realised they were not only almost numb with cold (not pleasant, but not unusual), but also going a bit purple (slightly more alarming).

Now I could have just put a pair of socks on, or even the heating (ha who am I kidding, in this economy? not a chance), but instead I found a thought pop into my mind, in full capslock:


I was EXTREMELY proud of myself for this completely unique and revolutionary thought; until, of course, I found that yoga socks already existed and had done for years. Ah well. It was a nice feeling while it lasted.

I had a look around for patterns but none really grabbed me, so I decided to just make it up as I went along. In a bit of a throwback to the first pair of socks I ever made, I went back to the stitch pattern from Froot Loop Sock | Knitty. It has an interesting texture, and the twisted stitches pull the fabric in quite tightly so I thought it’d be good to make sure they actually stay on my feet.

As for materials, I rummaged through my stash and found I had a whole 50g ball of navy sock yarn left over from making my toe-up Pucker socks which I’d been ignoring because I knew it wasn’t quite enough for a full pair. And now here was a not-full pair of socks needing to be made! A match made in heaven.

In terms of construction… realistically, they’re just tubes with another hole in. Not exactly complicated. Half-way through, I switched to ribbing on one side for a few rows, cast off ~32 stitches, cast them back on again immediately, few more rows of rib, then back into full rounds of stitch pattern. Easy.

I will say it is a bit disappointing to knit a pair of socks without getting to do the best bit of socks, which is turning the heels and toes. But, the trade-off is that little extra bit of warmth, less slipping on polished floors, and if I paint my toenails I can still see them. Worth it? Worth it.