'Volt' Lightning-Bolt Sweater

posted (or finished) Sep 14, 2020 in knitting
with tags jumpers colourwork grey pink

A couple of years ago now I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at… the Olympia, I want to say? I can’t remember exactly. A sample of this pattern was on display and kept catching my eye (hard not to really, look at it!). Eventually, I could resist no longer and swooped in for the purchase.

This project accompanied me on many train journeys between Brighton and Cardiff as I was planning my move. It went with me to parks and castles and grotty hotel rooms. And it sat in the corner for MONTHS while I ignored that it needed sewing up and blocking because I got scared that I’d done the maths wrong and it wasn’t going to fit. But it did, in the end, so that’s nice.

Pattern: Volt Sweater by Sue Stratford

Ravelry Link: Volt Sweater