'Offhand' Gloves as Convertible Mittens

posted (or finished) Jan 21, 2015 in knitting
with tags accessories gloves cream

I had a mighty need for some convertible mittens, but most patterns just have a cut-off hand rather than the hobo-style partial fingers I prefer, so I adapted a full glove pattern to get what I wanted.

I was originally planning to make the mitten bit with a pocket for some of those handwarmers you snap and heat up, but the set I got turned out too small. So, I made some removable inserts with some thrums to make up for that loss.

I made the thumbs convertible by just doing a little four-stitch cast-off-and-back-on. Gotta be able to use the phone while wearing these!

I also made a little hanging case for them so I don’t lose the inserts from year to year. And I haven’t! So it all worked out. :)

Pattern: adaptation of Offhand Gloves by Susan Iding Ravelry Link: Offhand Gloves Yarn: New Lanark DK in Limestone