Knitting Patterns

Well, I suppose the plural ‘knitting patterns’ is a bit hopeful. But ‘knitting pattern’ leaves little room for expansion, so, there you go. I do intend to write some more, but my write – test – knit – edit cycle appears to be glacially slow. 😀

Free knitting patterns:

Basic Patterned Legwarmers:

basic legwarmer - knitting pattern

These are just some really simple legwarmers, suitable for someone just learning to knit. They’re knit in the round, so no purling if you don’t like that sort of thing, you can use an exciting cast-on to add some spice, and the stitch pattern is simple enough for the lace-fearing among you.

As I always say; legwarmers: socks without the fiddly bits. Actually, now I’m more likely to say that legwarmers are socks without the interesting bits, but there you go. 😀

Pattern available for free download on Ravelry – here’s the pattern page.


And that’s all I’ve got. In the meantime, why not go take a peek at my Pinterest patterns board?