Hi. My name’s Laura. I live in Hove, have an MA in Classics, and I like to make stuff.

I started knitting for serious during a period of being extremely strapped for cash. ‘I’m saving lots of money by eating only rice and onions.’ I thought. ‘I can save even more by making my own clothes!’ So I went to the Indoor Market, bought a bag full of yarn, and sat down in front of the internet.

Suddenly, Ravelry.

A few years on, and I’m still knitting. I’ve learned to crochet, to spin, to dye my own yarn. I now design most of my own projects, and have even started to write patterns.

The internet, man. It’s amazing.

I also sew, bake, make jewellery, read, write, and play computer games; because killing things with flaming axes is a great counterpoint to all those dainty, ladylike hobbies.

If you want to track me down on other corners of said internet, it’s pretty easy to find me. My Tumblr is where I put all the interesting stories and cartoons and lolworthy things that catch my eye. My Pinterest is where I collect all the style, design, and crafty things. For my own crafting there’s Ravelry, and the other crafts live solely here and on my Flickr because I haven’t found a better home for them. Er… I also have a Goodreads? Last.fm?

I suspect I am going too far along this route. Read, enjoy, and feel free to say hi. 🙂