Hi, I’m Laura 👋. I’m a data & analytics consultant at iCrossing UK, currently based in Cardiff. By day I analyse data, debug analytics, and knit on Teams/Zoom calls. By night… I do pretty much the same, except the knitting takes place in blessed silence.

This site is a testing ground for all the things I learn. For example, the Makes page is generated by Python script from a database I developed in MySQL to keep a track of my current knitting projects. The cookie reset button below is the result of a 3am GTM-related revelation.

What can I say, I go where inspiration takes me. Creativity is good for the soul. Sometimes it involves sticks and string, sometimes formulas and markdown. But whatever form it takes, it makes me feel good and alive. Hence, ‘make more, care less’ is as much a reminder to myself as it is a suggestion to you.

Cookies & Privacy

Cookies on this site are only used for light analytics tracking, and no PII is collected or stored. Letting me track satisfies my t h i r s t for data, but it does make you a datapoint in the Google ecosystem so I quite understand if you’d rather not. If you’d like to change your mind and refuse/accept tracking cookies, click here: