home-grown socks

It is six years since I knitted my first pair of socks.

Holy crap.

Literally holy crap, I need to do some darning. But I don’t really know how to do that so I’ve spent the past couple of months verrryyy slllooowwwly addressing the issue and restocking my hand-knit sock drawer.

I got this skein of MadTosh Sock as a reward for joining Team MURDERPIG in LSGRRG2014. Knitting some socks with it was my ‘reward’ for finishing my MURDERPIGS cardigan.

MadTosh stash photo

I picked a random lace & cable pattern, tweaked it a bit because my stitch dictionary is a bit suspect and doesn’t properly mirror decreases (tsk).

half-knit socks on the beach

I’ve been experimenting with cuff techniques – for this one I increased in some proportion or other before doing my usual tubular cast-off. It was… ok. A bit loose, even, so if I do it again I will do fewer increases.

hand-knit socks in a pleasing shade of lilac

I also made a pair with this rather lovely skein of merino from Mollycoddle Yarns. The colours are totally gorgeous and it’s soft and merino-y and delicious.

MollycoddleYarns stash photo

I thought it deserved more than a plain stockinette because that would be boring, right? So I started a sort of random-ish offset slipstitch pattern.

knitted socks, half-knitted

Sadly this was both boring and demanded constant attention because counting rows when slipped stitches are involved is annoying, slipped stitches pull the rows together so it takes even longer to get anywhere, and I misplaced my second set of slipped stitches so I had to do them every three rows instead of every four. This bothered me but I went along with the mistake for long enough to make it irreversible. As I have a nasty habit of doing.

knitted socks, the colour of tears and sadness

They are warm and cosy and a very pretty colour but I still feel slightly irritable whenever I look at them. Ha! It’s for the best that they’re hidden away under my boots.

NB I will probably forgive them. I forgive anything that keeps my toes warm. On every cold day I am thankful for discovering the joy of knitting socks. I look out of the window at a frosty world and I smile because YAY HAND-KNIT SOCK DAY, probably to go with YAY HAND-KNIT CARDIGAN DAY and YAY HAND-KNIT GLOVE DAY. It’s actually gotten to the point that I am buying non-knit scarves because another bit of knitwear would be Too Much.

What a problem to have, eh, too much knitwear to wear all at once? 😀

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