paulie cardigan - finished

Finished Object: Paulie cardigan

What to do while one cardigan project is sitting in the corner, refusing to behave?

Easy. Cast on another one. 😀

So. Misbehaving murderpigs were in the naughty corner, and I needed something to help me back on the horse. In last week’s post I believe I termed it a knitting palate cleanser. No nonsense, pick a pattern, follow the instructions, profit.

I needed a change of texture from the scrubby Shetland yarn, so I dug out some lovely soft Drops baby alpaca/silk blend, and a pattern I’d had my eye on for a while. I was so keen to follow the instructions and do as I was told that I even swatched.

gauge swatch for Drops baby alpaca/silk

The pattern is Paulie, by Isabell Kramer. It crossed my radar a little while ago, and I thought it would be perfect for the alpaca/silk which I already had in stash from a moment of weakness faced with an online store sale. I got myself a couple of balls of contrast colour (not on sale, sadly) and it officially went into my queue.

Paulie is a top-down, seamless raglan cardigan, with garter stitch yoke and a simple stripe pattern.

crumpled paulie wip

The pattern’s easy to follow and it knits up fast for a 4-ply. The body came together really quickly, then I had to steel myself for sleeves. Luckily, as it was top-down, they would get faster as I went along.

sleeveless paulie

Paulie was my faithful companion on the beach for lunch and evening drinks with friends and colleagues. It provided some entertainment for the local wildlife too.

seagull staring at my knitting

Of course, the disadvantage of stripes is weaving in all the ends. I was a bit daft – if I’d been thinking straight, I’d have done as I did for my Little Birds cardigan and woven in the ends as I was going along. But I didn’t. I spent a night in the pub – after the garter button band (hate) and i-cord bind-off (haaate), with this carnage:

weaving in ends

But, I was on the home straight, and I had some super-cute buttons with which to finish Paulie, so I forged on.

finished paulie


cat buttons

Like I said, I had forgotten that Etsy was a thing. Now I have an app and oh dear.

True to form, despite wanting to follow a pattern blindly to the end, I did not end up following the instructions to the letter. I increased the number of sleeve decreases, and replaced the garter waist and wristbands with 1×1 rib. Tiny wrists ruin patterns. The yarn is possibly a little bit too drape-y for it – it doesn’t look great in garter stitch – but it’s so lovely and soft I forgive it everything.

Now it’s done, I feel revitalised and ready to face murderpigs again.



Paulie – project page on Ravelry

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