FO Friday: Lace and Cable Jumper

Ladies and gentlemen, lace and cables is finally complete. I posted about nearly finishing this in December last year, which means it’s taken me at least six months to block and photograph it (which is pretty bad, even by my standards). But now it’s done!

lace and cable jumper: front

It’s a recreation of a jumper I spotted ‘in the wild’, but tweaked to make it a bit more sweater girl (minus the bullet bra, however). I have a feeling it’ll look particularly awesome with a slinky pencil skirt.

lace and cable jumper: back

I was quite proud of the neckline detailing – I built the increases into the pattern, so the cable would grow seamlessly and neatly out of the neck.

lace and cable jumper: neck detail

This very nearly turned into my first FO disaster. I decided to wet it for blocking by throwing it in the washing machine on a cold rinse, with a gentle spin. It came out looking like a sheet of felt. A miniature sheet of felt. This yarn (the now discontinued Rowan Purelife) obviously does not like even the slightest bit of agitation. At least I discovered how sensitive it is before I put it in warm water, right?

It has stretched back out to its pre-blocking dimensions but the pattern isn’t quite as crisp and lovely as it was before. But no matter! One more finished object. In fact… according to Ravelry this is my seventy-third FO. Holy balls. I’m going to go and have a stiff drink while I think about how much time I must have spent knitting over the past few years. O.o

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  1. That is gorgeous!! Well done on the recreation! I have several old jumpers that I love to bits but for some reason no longer fit/are too worn to wear that I want to recreate too.

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