So. There’s this thing in Hollywood films, right, a kind of meme, in which a drab, boring woman takes off her glasses and is INSTANT HAWTNESS.

A thing went around the internet testing this hypothesis, and it just came around for another whirl. Here is that whirl, which nearly made me die laughing.

But it’s nonsense, right?

am dubious

Just taking these off can’t do anything.

still dubious

I mean, they’re practically off, and still nothing.

still nothing




the crap did this come from?


flirt flirt

Well. Might as well make the most of it.
I couldn’t trouble you to bring me some wine, could I? flutters eyelashes


and believe me, she is demanding. You should have seen how fast I ran out to buy that wine. She got a proposal of internet-marriage within seconds of appearing and instead of a cautious ‘I’ll think about it’ was instantly demanding rocks.

show me the rock

GLASSES OFF. SELF-CONFIDENCE ON. I could get used to this.

Go on. Have fun. Do your post and then link back to me and/or leave me a comment on this post because this DOES NOT GET OLD (for me).

12 thoughts on “GLASSES OFF, WEBCAM ON

  1. Grinning! Another “hawtness” seems to be when women “let down their hair” – take out whatever’s holding their hair back and let the locks cascade forward … so where does that leave women with not-long hair?!?! 🙂

  2. Lol this gave me a much needed laugh…..and yet now I find myself seriously tempted to give it ago myself.

    1. haha, thanks 😀 I love sticking flowers behind my ear, I used to have quite the collection of fake flowers – they were a little treat when I got dragged to the garden centre as a kid. Wonder where the rest of them have gone…

  3. DO you suppose this theory works when one has no hair to let down? And is it somehow negated when the removal of the glasses results in complete and utter blindness? I suspect I’d end up all squinty trying to find the button to push to take the picture and that’s just not going to result in any sort of extreme hawtness…

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