I knit in your general direction.

I just wanted to add a little post spawned by the current Olympics/Wimbledon/whatever grumblings that are going on at the moment. I’m kind of annoyed so it’s a bit of a rant.

My knitting is not an insult to athletes, elite or otherwise. I may not have spent as many years in training (only, what, 21 years? Maybe 22?), I may not be the very best and most skilled, I may not set any records for speed or length of yarn knitted. But my skill is a skill, and is just as valid as that of someone who can run really fast, or throw stuff really far, or bash a ball around while wearing a bikini.

My knitting is not an insult to actors or authors. I do not knit while I watch films or read because I am bored, because they are not good enough. I do it because I can, and because it helps me stay focused on the screen/page without fidgeting or being distracted by shiny things. And if I can get up after a few hours of film with a new piece of clothing? Hell yes I’m going to do it.

My knitting is not an insult to you. I am not knitting because you are not interesting enough. It is because it is a fun thing I can do while I do other things. It also helps me not to panic in social situations. I’m more fun to be around if I’m not having an internal meltdown.

My knitting is not an insult, even if you are sitting to the left of me and notice that I am knitting with my middle finger extended. It’s for tension, not for relieving tension, iykwim.

action shot

Your assumption that all knitters are white-haired grannies or pregnant or just cheap, is insulting. I’m basically the opposite of the stereotype, as are many knitters, and it’s pretty tedious to hear the same jokes over and over again. Men knit, kids knit, rich people knit. Get over it.

Your jokes about scarves, ugly jumpers, and tea cosies are insulting. Go look at your wardrobe and see how much of it is made of knitted material, then do me a favour and STFU.

Your suggestion that my skill is pointless because I could just go to *insert supermarket here* and buy a jumper for £10, is insulting. My work is of far higher quality and does not rely on the ruthless exploitation of poorer countries to get a good price. Quit making false comparisons.

Your notion that my skill is worthless because it does not entertain others or build buildings or create world peace, is insulting. It’s a hobby, it’s a skill, it’s an art as much as anything else is. Don’t sneer at me just because you’re not interested in it.

Folds arms, stamps foot

OK, so I got a bit petulant there. And I know I’m singing to the choir, considering that most of you lovely readers knit, or sew, or create in other media. But I just love to maaaakkkeee stufffff. And if I can do other fun stuff while I’m making stuff, that’s like… fun squared. Fun to the power of fun. While I’m knitting, there honestly could not be anything further from my mind than insulting people. While I’m making anything (unless what I’m making is an insulting blogpost, but you know what I mean).

So knitters, keep on knitting. Knit in public more. If you can knit and do shit at the same time you’re awesome. Hell, if you can knit at all you’re awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

15 thoughts on “I knit in your general direction.

  1. I love this post. It’s so true and if people think it’s so easy then they should try it and maybe they could realize it’s a skill that takes a lot of concentration and practice to get it right.

  2. I must echo my knitting friend who sent this………….couldn’t have said it better myself!!!
    Good on ya.

  3. Well said (or ranted, whatever you prefer)!
    I even infected others with the knitting virus while knitting during our role-playing sessions (geeky, I know). First there was only me, then one by one the others joined in. Now you can here things like “Haha, I’ll totally chop his head off!” *diceroll* “Drat, I dropped a stitch, hang on a moment… He’s dead, btw.” when you pass by our window on gaming night.

    1. I often knit while playing Diablo 3… My friends will be off in the distance and suddenly realise I’m way behind them, saying ‘Hang on, I forgot to do my decreases, brb’. 😀

  4. i don’t knit but i think that knitting and crochet should be taught to everyone and think its sad that not very many younger people know how to i just learned at the end of my 20’s but i wanted to learn when i was younger i just didn’t have anyone to teach me it is a skill and a talent to know how to knit and people should not demean it. its a beautiful and artful thing

    1. Absolutely. I mean, everyone gets taught how to play some sort of sport, everyone gets taught the rudiments of a second language (in this country at least) – why not something practical and useful?

      Thanks for the comment!

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