Mitts a-plenty

I don’t normally like mittens. I was never very interested in them, but then I had the terrible experience with the freaky mitten of perviness and that really put me off them. So when I first saw a pair of thrummed mittens on the internets, I shuddered and clicked away.

But they’ve been preying on my mind ever since. A couple of weeks ago, I realised that I had all the component parts, and decided to chuck aside my fears and have a go at them. A quick rav search led me to the Yarn Harlot’s thrummed mitts. And then I looked at this tutorial, which made me slightly jealous that my roving was so plain, but really inspired me to dive in.

The first one went well. The second one went well until I realised that the pattern was a five-row repeat, not a four-row repeat, and actually all the bit that had gone well (basically from wrist to fingertips) was not well, and had to be ripped out and done again. That was not a nice feeling. Then, when I started again, I got carried away and forgot to do the waste yarn for the thumb. Again, I ripped back. But after that, it really did go well.

I stayed up a bit late last night to finish them, and make sure they would get an outing before the winter ended.

thrummed mittens

They might not look like much from this side, but when you see what is inside, you will understand the awesome.

thrummed mittens

PUREST FLUFF. Inside-out they look a little sparse, but right way round, it is a veritable wall of fluff, let me tell you. Even with my poor circulation, my fingers were toasty warm all the way in, and all the way home. It’s a shame one can’t type in them or I’d be wearing them now. Perhaps if I made another pair with the Drops-style texting-thumb

One thought on “Mitts a-plenty

  1. Excellent work missus! Glad to see that traditional Newfoundland techniques have hit the big time 🙂

    I made some thrummed socks which were a-ma-zing, and I didn’t want to give them away for Christmas.

    Speaking of mitten hell, please don’t ask me about the pair I made 6 times before I got them right. I’m still in pain.

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