Solstice cake is almost ready for launch.

Last year I went into the winterval-cake-making-process in some detail, dissecting the various recipes I had and trying to establish what made a particularly wintry fruit cake. I found that Mrs Beeton had a higher cake:fruit ratio than Delia, so I tried that. It was good, but I didn’t think it was quite fruity enough. So this year, I’m going back to Delia’s classic recipe, but tweaking it for my own sordid purposes.

Right now, my dried fruits are soaking. I have 450g raisins, 175g sultanas, and 100g each of chopped mixed peel, glacé cherries (natural colour btw, none of this fake red crap) and glacé ginger, all stirred together with a glug of whisky. It smells luscious.

due preparations for the cake

I cannot wait to get started. I’ve not baked enough recently… so it’s probably a good thing that next week is National Baking Week. I would have held on to make this cake as the climactic end to the week but if I don’t make it now, I won’t be able to feed it anywhere near enough booze before it gets decorated. So instead, it can be a teaser.

3 thoughts on “Solstice cake is almost ready for launch.

  1. I *really* want to make a Christmas cake – but I don’t actually *like* Christmas cake! Any suggestions for a cake I can make which has the same effort and hedonism in equal measures but which won’t make me retch?xx

  2. I think all of the above. I used to just eat the icing and marzipan when I was little, but now the thought of that makes me sick. Although I liked that christmas cake/pudding ice-cream you made a while back 🙂

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