Whirling, whirling, whirling towards EXTREME HYPERACTIVITY.

It’s 5:30 am. It’s still dark outside. But I am awake. Last night’s ice cream has a lot to answer for. I was trying to go back to sleep but if I’m going to be dreaming about scorpions, blocked drains and work colleagues, sod it, I’d rather be awake. Thanks, brain.

At least I have a small knitting epiphany to keep me comfort in these chilly early-ish hours. I feel I’ve reached a new level of fluency with the old sticks, and am quite pleased about it. See, I went through a phase earlier in the summer of being a little dejected about crafting. Sure, I can make some pretty awesome stuff, but a lot of it sits in the wardrobe. There’s wrong colours, there’s dodgy styles, and there’s a bad yarn choices, for a start. But the main problem is impracticality. I love my Tubey but have only worn it outside the house once. Reason? It’s too warm for me to wear in a heated building, which rather cuts down my options. I was really pleased with my Isabella but that too languishes in the wardrobe untouched – because I very rarely wear sleeveless tops and have nothing that goes with the colour. Even if I re-dye it (again), it still won’t work with my normal ‘style’ of dress. This is sad. Hours of work, basically wasted.

So my epiphany is… ba ba baaaa… knit things that will actually be useful. I know. It’s a complex notion, isn’t it. I’ve done it by accident with a few items – hand-knit socks make excellent boot socks, so they all get some use. My scarf & wristwarmer sets have been worn practically to death. My Trellis jumper is in regular rotation with my slouch-around-the-house hoodies. This is because they are all items that I would be wearing anyway, even if I hadn’t made them myself. Those are the things I should be making. I should be looking at the existing clothes I wear to death and making their replacements before I have to go shopping.

I guess the moral of the story is that it’s easy to fit something to your own shape, but habits and climate are probably more important considerations.

On that note, I leave you with my current wip. It’s going to be a seamless open cardigan with a little light shaping and seed stitch front panels. As we trip gaily towards the autumn, this will be super for slipping on at work to ward off the chill of the air-conditioning, without leading to the excess bulk of a full buttonable cardigan or the insta-overheat of a jumper. I hope.

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  1. I love my Tubey but have only worn it outside the house once. Reason? It’s too warm for me to wear in a heated building

    So it gets plenty of wear inside the house then?

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