This home-made lark is *awesome* fun.

peanut butter

Say hello to a jar of home-made peanut butter. I am never buying it jarred again. Do you know how embarrassingly easy this is?

200g bag roasted salted peanuts
2 tbsp olive oil

Take a handful of the peanuts and chop roughly. Take the rest of the peanuts and zuzz with the oil. Stir the chopped nuts back in. End.

How awesome is that? It never occurred to me that was even *possible* to make peanut butter at home. It always seemed like it should be the result of lots of complicated processing, and exotic ingredients (considering the differences in flavour of all the brands), but no. And this has no sugar in it! I hate sugar in my peanut butter. And I love salt. This is completely perfect.

Wow. Let me tell you, sitting here eating my home-made peanut butter on slices of my home-made failbread has given me such a warm layer of smug that I may have to open the windows. And… for some time I’ve been searching (unsuccessfully) to find not-peanut nut butters, but now I can just make my own. I could make it even cheaper (and less salty) by getting uncooked nuts…

Wait a minute.

I could use chilli peanuts. Chilli peanut butter. CHILLI. PEANUT. BUTTER. That thought is so unspeakably awesome I think I need a lie down.

(I’m not going to, though. My turbos have turned up so I have to go play with them. Thank you English Yarns!)

11 thoughts on “This home-made lark is *awesome* fun.

  1. Whoa! I get through about 4 jars of PB a week and yes, it’d be nice to get rid of the sugar. Will be trying once I figure out what you use to “zuzz”. I suspect a liquidizer of some sort? I only have a hand held blender. Off to Curry’s with me then!

  2. Actually I have yet to work out the optimum zuzzing device. I tried both blender and food processor, but it all got stuck under the blades so I had to keep stopping, hitting it with a spatula, then starting again. It turned out awesome but I can’t help but think there’s an easier way. Maybe this is my excuse to get a magimix… they have a teeny extra bowl you can fit so sauces don’t get splattered around so much surface. Hmmm.

  3. Once upon a time in a bakery far away I made peanut butter every week by roasting the raw peanuts, putting them through a meat grinder, then putting the resulting powder in a bread mixer for about half an hour. The peanut oils in the roasted nuts were adequate to make a spread.

    This was a comercial operation with a motorised griner and a half-tonne mixer. To get the same result at home, buy a hand-crank meat grinder with at least two different hole sizes, then proceed as you have with the oil, or be prepared to use a wooden spoon and a bowl to stir the stuff til it’s a consistency you like.

  4. PS: it works just as well with larger nuts, e.g. almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, but not so well with smaller ones like sunflower seeds. Cashews also tend to gum up the works as they are softer than most.

  5. Ha, brilliant. I would have never thought it would be that easy either. It just goes to show that most of the ingredients shown on the jar are preservatives or other junk…

  6. it may sound hopelessly primative but i’ve made nearly every nut butter imaginable for nearly 40 years with a very large pharmacutical mortor/pestle with suitable oils and spices [as the spirit moves] hoo-ray for nut butter; lunatics god bless us everyone

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